We are a creative company and we offer you fresh technology and business ideas.
We are an ambitious and creative company and we offer you fresh technical ideas.

We are a technical company founded on principles of innovation, excellence, safety and performance. Located in the nation’s capital, Mach-1 Technical Services Limited is a fast-growing and highly competitive indigenous brand driven by highly qualified professionals.

Our core targets are leading players across oil and gas, construction, building, real estate and environmental industries. We have a rare assemblage of professionals with decades of wide-ranging experiences, global scale exposure and successes on major projects which give us an edge in international partnerships and local content expertise.

Parading a diverse range of services, expertise and experience, our teams deliver industry leading results.

Consulting and Training
Project Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Carbon Credit Trading
Real Estate Management
Renewable Energy
Building and Civil Engineering
Our Core Principle

At Mach-1, we are poised to support our diverse client base with our wealth of experiences and professionalism to ensure seamless adaptation of modern technology, excellent services and safety culture for optimal result.

Our Culture

Our culture is defined by safety, expertise and longlasting trust-base client relationship. Safety occupies a primacy of place in our activities handling all our clients’ jobs with optimal expertise obtainable in our fields; and our relationships, with existing and prospective clients, are built on trust and integrity.


Our mission is to provide an environment that is clean, safe and one that enhances the work day for us and our clients.